Eco Art

Eco Art is an author's project by © Lina Stern. La Maison studio. 
It combines of two fundamental concepts: Ecology and Art.

Translated from the Greek, Ecology – the science of house. (from the ancient Greek. οἶκος – House and λόγος – science). Art (along with science) – one way of knowing reality and interact with it.

The intention of the project.
Leave the matrix. Live in the co-creation with nature. Clarity and understanding as the basis of all communication. Love and creativity as a state of being. Neutrality, balance, harmony, the starting point of free study of the life. Work with exquisite information out of signs and the logic: asemic writing and calligraphy.

Project Objectives.
To develop a new concept of "wealth", which includes 4 principles of ecology and the principles of progressive architecture (Passive House technology).
The new system of values. Collections Eco-objects that bring to humans a knowledge and a feelings, as save a breathing rhythm of the Master. (art, photos, mandala items)
Working with text-messages, an unique information out of signs and logic (asemic writing, calligraphy)

Collections 2015-2016
"Intuition" – paintings and asemic writing, ceramics. Collection Exhibition.

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