Eco Art is an author’s project by Lina Stern. In 2015, In this project, I’m interested to explore the environment, as a space in which are presented, live and interact a huge number of creatures (and not just people …). How is the communication? How does a person understand the subtle nature of the message? How to find own place and learn how to interact without disturbing the harmony? Ecology is the science about home and Home - it’s not a separate apartment or building … Home - this is our All Planet Earth … In the site is presents some results of my creative study of ecology as a space:

1. Asemic,  Asemic writing, for me it is a special, equilibrium, very quiet and peaceful state, which makes me feel fine information of Life. It is the language of the soul, is helping to understand the logic of signs and messages of soft nature, ether … In the section  Asemic can view: writing, calligraphy, photographs, mandala (sacred geometry – the language of light), art-objects, disks.

2. Collection of eco-objects. Created in love and inspiration eco-subjects maintain a balance in the interior of man. In a changing world, the ability to save yourself and inner balance, makes it possible not to get involved in external crises. Tranquility retains its own energy allows worthy to follow your path. Always and under all circumstances!
3. Some items are sold in Boutiques, mandalas can order. Also this year, I plan to release prints of some works on paper, canvas, silk … And more, in the section Services – can be ordered painted doors or tissues.
4. This / 2015 / year, I intend to find their place and start building a house, which itself provides energy. This home has many names – self-sustaining, self-sufficient, non-volatile, environmentally friendly, passive, etc …. I close the name – a self-sufficient, since it fits my character. Progressive Architecture section dedicated to the event, as it has information on trends, concepts and modern eco-friendly materials

Regards, Lina Stern, author of “Eco Art”, studio art decor “La Maison
 (Releases 2013 and 2014)

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