Eco Art – an author's  Lina Stern's project, which is dedicated to Home

In the begining (2013-2014) it was interesting to explore the home as a place where a human lives and inspired. Where he works and finds the rest … It was interesting to thinkig about that the home can be a house, apartment, office, hotel, human body, the planet … Thinking about the place, we created a lot of interesting eco-objects and collections…

Then, in my life came a movement. About 10 months I traveled along the sea, in the unknown for me Montenegro. Every two months, I chage a home and place. As a result of this dynamic experiment, it became apparent to me that home is not only a place where people live, but rather it is innerl state…What about really interesting to think now…what about will be a new oject collection!

What is already happening and will continue in 2014-2015 years

1. A new collection of eco-objects for Home decorating. Thinking about home as a state of body, mind and soul …

2. Calligraphy, wave writing. Transferring calligraphy on fabric. Eco prints.

3. Gardens and terraces. Painted walls and terraces decoration with plants. Design of gardens. For the garden decore will be designed a special collection of wooden and stone art objects. Also for garden and home will be creat anew patterns and mandalas. Partner of this activity is "Radovich Garden"

In 2014-2015, planned personal and collective exhibitions of photographs in Russia and Europe.

Also developed a new sacred geometry workshops (the series "How to draw")

The project develops! And still willing to cooperate, which brings the joy of communication and money. It is interesting to interact with those who appreciate space and time, has clear objectives and clear conditions.

If you have questions regarding the project, there are proposals for cooperation – you can easily call or write us. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you can get news once or twice a month.

Best wishes.

Lina Stern, author of "Eco Art" studio art decor "La Maison"


Terrace “The Inspirational Garden”

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