Eco art is the project by Lina Stern / studio "La Maison" /

The project is dedicated to Home. The place where a human lives, dreams, finds inspiration. Where he works and rests. Home can be house, an apartment, an office, a hotel, a human body and planet Earth etc.

In "Eco Art" researches are combines two fundamental concepts: Ecology and Art.

Translated from the ancient Greek, Ecology is the science of the Home. (From an-Greek.. Οἶκος – House and λόγος – science).

Art (along with science) is one of the ways to knowing a reality and interact with. (From tserk.-Slav. Iskusstvo (Latin ehperimentum – the experience, the sample)

At this stage of the project development "Eco Art", we are very interesting in to make an objects that support human, bring a new knowledges to him, give balanced emotions and light feelings. Such objects we calle  eco-objects.

Eco object  creates with a natural materials. It takes connected to the laws of ecology, geometry, composition, music, etc. Eco-object created once, or a limited edition that is why it keeps respect, calmness, breathing rhythm of Masters (Author). Eco-object does not harm the human body and mind and saves the planet. With eco-object we create an unique and very delicate space in Home (Home soul).

During operation, Masters uses a reasonable amount of power and water. When we printed a photos, we use "Green" technology.

The project "Eco Art" is developing. A new topics 2013-2014 year are:

1. Calligraphy, visual rhythm, texts, art-texts. "Texts"

2. Immaterial art performance art, creative art space in real time. "Open Air Studio"

3. Collection of fabrics for clothers and interior. Print a drawings and a photographs on a paper, a canvas, a silk. Eco-prints. "Photographs"

The project is ready to cooperate, which brings the joy of communication and money. It is interesting to interact with those, who appreciate space and time, has clear objectives and clear conditions.

If you have any questions about the project, a proposal for cooperation you can easily call and write to us. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you can get news once or twice a month


With best wishes.Lina SternAuthor of "Eco Art"project.

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